Livvy’s First Overight Fishing Trip!

Looking back to summer 2018, and an event eagerly anticipated by both me and my daughter Livvy; our first overnight carp fishing trip together! She’d been asking me to take her overnight fishing for ages, and now the weather looked good, and we had a window of opportunity time wise, we set off. I took her to a venue full of fish, so we’d have a good chance of catching a few. We loaded the car up with the gear, loads of sweets, and headed off to Rosemary Wood fishery. It’s important if you’re taking kids fishing with you to pick the right venue, safety is absolutely No1. A secure venue, with shallow margins and of course lots of fish to keep them interested is ideal. If you’re in the North West, I’d recommend Rosemary Wood, but take a life jacket in case you end up fishing from the board’s pegs, they have deep margins.

We both had a realy great time, ad cannot wait to go agin this summer! Whilst I go fishing all year round, with temperatures currently hovering around frezing, its not the time to be taking the little ones out overnight. Come summer though, and she’ll be out again!

Oh, and my 3yr old daughter has also started to ask me to take her fishing too, its going to be a busy, and fun packed summer!!

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