The Secret Passage – 6/365

Out on a bike ride with the girls, I spotted this drain cover that seemed to imply so much more than it’s simple, functional role.

I have no doubt in my imaginative minds eye, that had I ventured down through the hatch, a magical land would have been waiting for me on the other side!

What I really liked about the scene, was how the tree was growing through, over and around this man made structure. It was beautiful, but also posed a question; was the tree trying to hide the secret entrance, or was it defiantly reclaiming it’s land? I’ll let you decide.

I also found some fungi, and had a little go at getting a sharp image of it, using my gimbal for extra stability. It was tricky though in the low light levels. I also took my more usual shot of the fungi being the main topic in the picture, and it’s fallen tree home stretching off into the background.

Learnings – low light was an issue, which I guess is a common problem at this time of year; about an hour after I took these pictures it was pitch black, and we were settled in back at home with a roast dinner. I’m pleased I took my gimbal out, but next time I’ll take some lighting too.

I knew of a bridge that we’d pass on our little outing today, and I thought I’d be able to get a nice shot of it, with it’s graffiti and structure. The graffiti is the horrible stuff, not artistic at all in itself, yet I still like the way society evolves things like that, and kind of embraces it, and even in this vandalistic form it holds a certain beauty to me for that reason. I think the problem is the weighting of the picture is out, the bridge just looks too heavy. I also don’t like the modern houses in the back ground against the older bridge, with all its weathering that’s both natural and man made!

As a bonus learning, I did snap another bridge we passed, and though I like this picture better, the main standout was that I heard a train coming whilst setting my shot up, and so took a couple of quick snaps as it passed. They didn’t quite come out how I’d have liked, but I did learn a valuable lesson; plan more and always be ready for anything. The adrenaline in that moment wasn’t something I was expecting to get from photography!

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