Claimed – 41/365

A bit of fun for today’s picture; a quickly claimed mid-build set of draws, instantly transformed into a play den.

I mean, what can you do?

Part way through building a set of draws this afternoon, I nipped out of the room for all of 20seconds – that was more than enough time for the part build construction to become something entirely different, and arguably a better served purpose in its existence.

Expertly decorated and knitted out with all the essentials, Izzy was rather pleased with herself.

To be fair, as per normal with any DIY going on, Izzy had helped me build the draws, so I guess she had a fair claim on them.

Once I had reclaimed the toy den, and finished turning it into some draws, Izzy stepped in again for a full and thorough inspection.

I’m pleased to say it passed scrutiny, and was fully Izzy certified.

Learnings – imagination is a wonderful thing, and we should hold onto it for all our days, and not let it slip by with our childhood.

FYI I spent the rest of the afternoon being a chimpanzee, chasing the girls around the house. It was a refreshing change from the standard “box monster”, a household favourite.

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