Nuts – 96/365

This afternoon Livvy had been invited out for a party at a splash world thing. Normally Izzy would gate crash, however with her broken finger we thought it a bit too risky to be going to such a venue.

So while Holly took Liv to the party, I took Izzy to the park for a bike ride, a play and a game of squirrel hide and seek.

We found loads of squirrels, and they were pretty tame too, much easier to photograph than crazy gerbils anyway!

I really like this one, it’s not lit particularly well, but I like the squirrel sneaking off down the far side of the tree while the other one isn’t looking.

It transpired Izzy’s main objective was to tell everyone at the park about her finger, I don’t know what she’ll talk about when it’s better!

She did like squirrel spotting too, to be fair, and she was super good at moving slowly and quietly so we could get close to them.

I got a neat shot of a squirrel silhouette, as it sat eating nuts off the tree.

Swings are Izzy absolute favourite at the park, she always makes a bee line for them. At this park they have a variety of swings, but of course the biggest most dangerous one is the best!

Learnings – today’s main photograph is not the best technically today, and it was just a quick snap off my iPhone. However, it’s the moment that was captured that fully summed up our afternoon in one photograph.

I’m getting more confident with my new camera every day, and settings are becoming instinctive already. I know I have a long way to go, but I am really pleased with how cleanly some of the squirrel photographs came out.

That said, there were a few bloopers in today’s shots too………

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