Angel Face – 103/365

Tonight it’s just me and Izzy in the house, Holly is out with friends, and Livvy is on a sleep over.

Just before I put Izzy to bed, I asked her “can I take a picture of you?”, “yes daddy, of course you can, your the best daddy in the world”, she replied.

So I get my camera out and I said to Izzy “let’s do some funny selfies”.

She didn’t really want to pull faces, she was more mesmerised by the flip out screen showing her face than anything!

She had a go at taking a few pictures too, I set the camera to full auto so she could touch the screen on her face to take the picture.

She took the one below, and today’s main picture!

She is such a super star, she’s got a bust finger, cut on her toe and a sore lip; yet all day she’s played lovely and not moaned once about her injury’s. That’s half the trouble, nothing at all slows her down, she’s full speed all the time no matter what.

That said, that is the very quality I love about her the most, she just loves life so much it is astounding, she genuinely lives every second to the max!

Learnings – my three year old is a better selfie photographer than me…..

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