Garden Party – 127/365

Ok, here we go, head first into what I’m calling “one shot week”. I’m going to take a photograph every day as normal, but one take only, one single attempt. I talked about doing it in yesterday’s post, and you know what I’m like, if I’m going to do something I like to do it now!

Already, I am super nervous.

Today I chose my “backup” shot, the one that’s five minutes from my house, the one that if all else fails and I have no ideas I could use to get me out of a creative hole.

So that’s my backup, get out of jail free card, used up and gone.

I pass these monkeys having tea in the garden most days, as does Holly, however the first person to notice them was Livvy, our now seven year old daughter, when she was first learning to talk.

We’d drive up the “bumpy road” as she called it, and she would always shout something when we where half way up.

We thought she might be shouting “bumpy”, because of the speed bumps. Then when more and more monkeys started to appear we noticed them too; she must have seen the first one or two hanging in the tree.

Now it’s a bit of a family tradition to have a look at the monkeys as we go up the bumpy road, and today they are the subject of my photograph, and also the first of my “one shot” attempts.

We’ve never met the house owners, but I hope to one day, they seem like fun loving characters!

Learnings – it’s hard to only take one photograph. Much harder than I first thought, but it really will push me another notch no doubt. You have to think of everything before taking you photograph, and today I only had a couple of seconds to hang out of the car window on a narrow one way street to capture the shot, which added to the challenge.

I’m hoping, that by the weekend I’ll have built enough confidence to take the shot in full manual mode……. we’ll see.

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