High Life – 181/365

With Holly taking Livvy to a “pony party” this afternoon – a horse riding party – I asked Izzy if she wanted to go up a big hill; of course she said yes straight away!

After we each had an “obelet” (Izzy’s word for an omelette), we packed our things and headed off out on our little adventure.

I packed my camera, and Izzy packed her favourite teddy Jackson, along with a whistle, squeezy light bulb and some pens.

With all the essentials sorted, off we went.

It’s only a ten minute drive, and then about a fifteen minute walk to the top of Helsby Hill, our destination.

Once there, the views were amazing, and Izzy was insistent I take a photograph of her lying down on the rocks.

I don’t know why she thought of it, but her hair with the yellow straw like grasses looked gorgeous!!

I wanted to try another landscape shot from the top, for three reasons; one, I wanted to put into practice things I’ve learnt, and also the last time I went up I didn’t actually go to the top – I didn’t know how to get there and didn’t have the time to explore. Finally, Izzy hadn’t been up the hill, and I knew she’d like it.

The shot above, I think is the best I captured of the landscape. Though it is still lacking a little something I believe. It’s a bit too flat maybe until you hit the mountains of the Clwydian range, and my editing style isn’t really complimenting the view, maybe.

That’s why I decided to pick the shot with Izzy in it for today’s main photograph, her sat there just really makes the shot, I think.

We sat up there for about an hour, and Izzy found a caterpillar, a woodlouse and a lady bird. It was really cool, people came and went are we just sat there together, looking at the view, and the wildlife.

The views, the wildlife, the photography; as amazing as it is, all just pales into insignificance compared to just sitting on top of a hill with your 3year old daughter, both just enjoying being together.

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