Fields of Fun – 213/365

I took the girls for a walk over to the park this evening, and once we’d worked our way through the woods, dodging nut shells being dropped by the squirrels, the field opened out in front of us.

It’s a field that’s worked, so at various times of the year it’s either low after a fresh cut, or tall, as it was today. It looked about right for harvesting, but I’m no farmer so I could be way off the mark.

Anyway, there are very narrow tracks running through the field, in between the plants; tracks that are just about wide enough for two young slender girls to run down.

They both looked mesmerising in the summer sun shine, amongst the tall stems glowing yellow. Livvy was hesitant at first, but Izzy was straight in, and fell straight down a hole……. undeterred she got up to fits of giggles from Livvy and I, and she set off again running through the field.

I can not describe the joy I feel seeing them laugh and smile, and play. It’s just beautiful to watch them being young, and loving it.

Photography wise, I again used my new 50mm lens exclusively, and it fitted the mood today; all about fun and laughter!

Once through the field we went to the park, and the girls had a go on all the swings and slides and climbing frames. They met some other girls too, one with a guinea pig, called George. Friendly little soul he was.

On the way back we stopped in the woods at the request of Livvy to have another photograph, she is a bit of a poser.

I really love this photograph, it totally captures both their personalities perfectly.

Just a really, really enjoyable hour; playing and laughing with little more than the great outdoors, and some swings and slides, of course.

Learnings – the “Nifty Fifty” was perfect for today, super quick shutter speeds and wide open aperture, perfect for capturing all the fun, in a really fun way.

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