Wild Heart – 228/365

Today, I just fancied a bit of straight forward, big lairy aperture fun with my 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Now there is something you don’t say every day!! But, if I can explain……


I’ve been quite serious with my photography this week, doing quite a lot of experimenting, with all my lenses and their aperture settings, focal ranges, HDR stacking, using various focus points, and camera settings; all to experiment with how sharp I can get images, mainly in landscape situations. And I’ve learnt a heck of a lot this week!


So, with today being my last day in work for two weeks, I thought I’d let my hair down a little, and just have some straight up fun today for my 365 shot.

I wandered around the back garden aimlessly for a bit, trudging in the waterlogged grass, until I came across the magnolia tree at the back of the garden.

It is an awesome tree when it’s in bloom, and, today I noticed it’s about to treat us to a second bloom this year!

I’m not sure if that’s normal for these trees, to flower twice in a year, but I’m more than pleased to see the young flowers starting to come through!

So, not a lot learnt today I guess, but I had a lot of fun just being me with my camera, and my super fun 50mm lens.

It was nice to shoot without any self imposed pressure, and a nice way to round off a busy week.

So, two weeks off, and some interesting stuff planned in. 100% it’s family time, but I will have my camera with me……….

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