Dragons Nest – 232/365

It seems, having spent the day in North Wales yesterday has had a strange effect, and I’m seeing dragons everywhere! I even spotted this dragons nest; hidden in plain view on a street corner….


I’m sure most drivers who pass this turning see the three stop signs, but I wonder how many notice the dragons are breeding here!?

Joking aside, I’m not sure what these pretty little flowers are, but that corner has no garden adjacent to it, there is a rail track between them and the house whose chimneys you can see behind.


I think they might be what I used to call “Snap Dragons” as a kid, I’m not sure what the correct name is but thats what we called them, and thats what I still call them now!

Whats taken me back by them is the place they’re growning, I wonder how they got there, who notices them, who else is amazed by them? Maybe just me, who knows, I do spend a lot of time walkng and looking.


There are pink, purple, magenta and white ones, all in the same “nest”. I think they’re super cool! They probably shouldn’t be there, and invasive species can casue a lot of problems, so I hope these little dragons don’t get out of hand.


Learnings – over the past couple of days I have learnt an enourmous amount about photography, about my kit, and my style. I am mega pleased with some of the images I’ve captured, and if you think back to midweek last week, I was at a bit of a low ebb. However, at the time I stated I had been here before, and everytime I’ve come out of the other side in a better place than when I started.

That, is in no small part thanks to family support, my passion for photography and art, and the unending beauty of the world around us.

Sounds simple, but in capturing the images yesterday at a really good level of sharpness and detail when I wanted to, and vibrant or dreamy when it suited the image, it really settled me, and it feels nice to be able to employ things I’ve learnt and bring the images in my mind to life in a digital format.

The most beautiful thing of all, is of course the memories being captured along the way.

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