Walton Gardens – 235/365

Today we went over to Walton Gardens, just on the edge of Warrington. Traffic was really heavy as festival goes flocked into Daresbury, to party all weekend at Creamfields. Takes me back to the days we used to go to a couple of festivals each year, and indeed Holly and I “officically” got together at Creamfields, back in 2005!

Slighly unusually, whilst we enjoyed a picnic and the girls played on the park, I lay on my back and tried to capture an interesting image of an aeroplane flying over head.


I captured a couple, then fell asleep in the hot aftenoon sun…….

Anyway, when the girls had finished playing on the swings and slides, they came over and woke me up, so we could all go and have a walk around the rest of the park.


There is a small area of the par called the “Childrens Zoo”, and its got quite a few animals in it, some like the chickens that just wander around the place.


The girls really enjoyed it, and bounced from one enclosure to the next looking at all the animals. It also gave me a chance to try and capture some images of the animals, though the sun was super bright and not ideal.


Quite a few of the animals had the same feeling as me, and were fast asleep in the sun…..


After seeing all the animals, Livvy donated her last 50p to the childrens zoo, to help care for the animals, bless her!

Then, we headed off for a quick walk around the grounds. They are really well kept, especially considering how popular the gardens are, I dont know how many visitors they have a year, but I imagine its a heck of a lot.


A classic pose here from Izzy………..

I grabbed another one when Izzy wasnt looking too, so she didnt have chance to pull a funny face; you have to stay one step ahead of these kids!


After we’d walked through the woods, we had a quick look at the house thats at the top of the gardens, and I got a more sensible pose from Holly!


After a thouroughly enjoyable afternoon, we headed home through the Creamfields traffic, where we saw some amazing sights of festival goes depressed to the nines, heading into the site for a weekend of madness and revelry.

Learnings – a funny one today, it was one of those days where I saw loads of stuff, but on a lot of occasions the photographs just didnt quite “click” that feeling you get when you know its a good shot.

I tried all sorts of things though, from long range shots of aeroplanes with my long lens, to action shots of the animals with my kit lens, and not so action shots of sleeping animals and of course the three girls, so it was a great bit of “technical” practice in the bright sunshine.

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