Hit or Miss – 270/365

Holly’s out with her mates tonight, so that meant I was picking both girls up after work. I love picking them up, their little faces when they see me, is just adorable and melts my heart everytime!

So anyway, once I’d collected them both, I asked them what they wanted for tea, and with Friday normally being pizza night at home, I asked if they wanted to go to Pizza Hut for a change. They didn’t. They wanted to go to KFC!

So thats what we did, and at the same time I talked to Livvy about what I might do for todays photograph. She had some ideas of a photograph of her stuffing her face with chicken, but I wasn’t really feeling that idea…… In the end, we didn’t come up with any ideas at KFC, however when we left the sky was looking awesome, so I drove the long way round back home, to see if we could catch a view.

Ideally, I wanted to capture a big old abandoned building I know of in the foreground, with the awsome sky lighting up the world behind it, but I just couldn’t get the angle I wanted.


The sky by now was looking incredible, and huge shafts of light were scything through the clouds and striking the ground.

I scrapped the idea of the abandoned building, and headed to a vantage point I know close to home that looks out over the cheshire plain. When we arrived, the drama in the sky was at its peak, and I knew time was rapidly running out to capture it.

As it turned out, I was just a little out of luck time wise, and I missed the beams of light coming through the clouds. Still, I used a farm gate to frame the setting sun instead, to try out a slightly different composition of a setting sun, and thats the image I used for todays photograph.

I know it breaks loads of “rules” about composition, but I really dont mind. For me, I like the way the gate frames the scene beyond, and becasue the sky behind the gate is very different to the sky above, it almost looks like a widescreen view within a more standard framing. Everything is happening through the bars in the gate, the sun, the sky, the reflections in the pools of water, the wind turbines and the telegraph poles.

I’m not at all unhappy that I missed the sky at its best, either. Why? Simple, because I was spending time with my two girlies, thats why, and the fact I missed the best light just forced me to think more creatively. It really was a win win situation.

Hit or miss, you say? 100% hit, no question.

Have a great weekend!

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