Flashes of Red – 272/365

Today it rained, again, a lot. However, Izzy and I still set off out to capture some photographs. The initial plan was to go to the Manchester Ship Canal, and play “pooh sticks” with Livvy and Izzy, however Livvy backed out of coming along at the last minute, and as Izzy and I had been near the Ship Canal yesterday, I thought I’d take her some where different today.

So I asked Izzy if she wanted to go and see the underneath of a huge bridge, the Mersey Gateway Bridge. Her eyes lit up, and she said “yeah!”.

Not long into our journey, the flat tyre warning came on in the car (we’d taken Hollys car) so I took a detour to the nearest garage, to check the pressures out. All seemed fine, until I got to the left rear tyre, and it was visibly low on pressure. In fact, it was so low I had to use the “flat tyre” function on the air line to get anything into it.

As it was the last tyre, I used the remaining time I had from my £1 of compressed air, to get as much in as I could. It took the read out up to 31psi, not bad, but I could hear air escaping, and upon feeling where the air sound was coming from, I could feel the air rushing out. So I went into the garage and bought one of those cans with compressed air and foam in, to try and seal it.


It kind of worked, becasue I saw some of the foam squieezing itself through the hole in the tyre……

The instructions on the can said to drive for 6 to 8 miles, to get the foam evenly spread, however I didn’t fancy risking that having Izzy with me, and becasue I’d seen foam escaping through the hole, I drove the couple of miles home and parked up.

By this point, Izzy was fed up of the messing about, and decided she didn’t want to go out and about; to be fair it was lashing down with rain, and she’d just sat in a car for half an hour upto now.

So, when we got back we changed our plans again, and we spread some nuts on the front lawn to se if we could tempt some wildlife. Livvy joined us, and the three of us sat at the window to see what might appear. I aksed the girls what we might see, and Livvy said “squirrels live in those trees daddy, they might come over”, “or we might see some birds, like robins or black birds” she said. Izzy was a little more aspirational, and she thought we might tempt “elephants, giraffes and a T-Rex”.

Both wonderful answers, and I would be happy if we saw any of them!

As it turned out, probably due to the rain, there weren’t many birds about, though we did see a couple of blue tits, and a robin made an appearance too.


Not how we planned our adventure to turn out today, but a bit of fun all the same. Plus, by opening the window out fully onto the front lawn, I could set my camera up in the relative dry to take some photographs.

I took the opportuity to use my long lens again, to get some close ups, and the only image here that wasnt at 300mm focal length is the main one, for that image I used my 18-55mm lens at 41mm, and actually went outside to get a close up shot during a break in the rain.

Learnings – overcast again today, so the challenge was always going to be the lack of light. However, today I stopped my ISO at 400, and took the aperture wider to get more light in. The Robin above is at f/8, not massively wide, but you can still see how the lense is starting to soften the image a touch. It didnt really matter, becasue what I like about it is the robins “over the shoulder” glance its giving us, full of character.

The hydrangea (or whatever flowers they are) was again at f/8, and this shot really was a pure experiment to see what sharpness I could achieve at that aperture with the lens.

I think what I might have to start trying is to use some directional lighting in these situations, to illuminate a more intimate scene. I think the robin image works becasue the little chap stood right in a nice patch of light, amidst some shadows; if it wasn’t for that lighting, I dont think the image would have worked at all.

Again, this 365 challege is called a “challenge” for a reason, and this weekend has certainly pushed me technically and creatively, which is great and I’m really thank full for it.

Hope you’ve had a good weekend, I’m off now to spread some more nuts on the lawn, I’ve got a desire to photograph a T-Rex now. I’ll keep you posted……

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