Slow Flow – 285/365

First go with my new neutral density filter today! For this little experiment, I took myself off to a spot I’ve been to a few years ago now, that’s kind of “off limits” these days…..


It’s a weir on a local river, that used to have a fishing lake near it, that I was once a member of. Since those days though, it’s become a no access area. As a result of that it’s largely overgrown, and as you can see the bridge over the weir has fallen into a state of disrepair. To be honest though, I kind of liked that aspect, it added to the scene somehow.


There is clearly some work going on, with a few porta cabins near by and gravel and timber, and a caravan. I have to admit, at that point I crept around to the weir, below a hedge line to stay out of view, incase anyone was about.

You might wonder why this effort to get to this knackered old weir? Well to be totally honest I’ve wanted to photograph it for some time, but given the “no access” status, I have resisted the temptation. However, today I really wanted to try out my ND filter, so I just went for it.

I did have a quick google search and scan of google earth for nearby rivers and waterfalls, but all were too far for the time I had today. I did find two other locations I’ll visit one day though!


So, today’s photograph is pleasing to me, for the adventure of it all, and for trying out my new filter. It was a difficult scene to compose though, given the 4 inches of clear space I had to perch on with my tripod, literally on the edge of the bank next to the deep and fast flowing river.

Nightmare visions of my camera bag falling into the water flashed through my mind on more than one occasion!

Honourable mention today too, and thanks to Livvy for finding this mushroom group in our garden this morning, and excitedly coming to get me to take a photograph of it.


Learnings – of course today’s photograph was mostly about trying out my filter, hence the fast flowing water over the weir being important, and I’m pleased with the outcome. Can you believe I took these photographs at 1pm in the afternoon, under a relatively bright sun, for recent times.

With the location being so in accessible to most, and no-one else around today, there were also loads of wild animals about, and I took the chance to also practice my wildlife photography on the walk back.

I captured a few nice images, whilst trying a few new combinations of camera settings. It was good fun, and a total contrast to the slow, long exposures of the weir.

All in all, mission accomplished, and I’m looking forward to the next time I get the chance to put the sunglasses on my lens!

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