Streets of Gold – 294/365

I had no plan at all for todays photograph, but one thing I did know was the sky was taunting me all day with its brilliance! The clouds were rolling, the sun was glaring through the breaks, and it just looked amazing; but with a packed agenda, I wouldn’t get a chance to photograph it today, or would I……….


It was none stop all day in work, as always, and with Livvy’s parents evening at 5:20pm, and the sun setting at about 6pm, a photograph which included some of the awesome sky really didn’t look like it was on the cards.


However, after leaving the parents evening, where my little super star got a glowing report, we headed off home; and I drove straight past the turning for our house much to Livvy and Izzys bewilderment.

You see, I had spotted the last few rays of sun hitting the very top of a house way down the road off in the distance, and if there was any chance of an autumnal sunset shot with todays sky, I was going to try and take that chance!


As you have no doubt noticed by this point, the timing couldn’t have been better, as the sun was just kissing a corner of the street at the top of a hill, thanks to its elevation and a clear line of sight across to the horizon.

Being on the road, and at rush hour, cars were obviosuly going past. I took the shot above as a BMW went past, just for something different and I think it looks kind of cool.


Not only was the sky awesome, and the sun set amazing, but there were crisp golden leaves on the ground, so I put my camera into live view to tilt the screen and get as low as I could. It was tricky, with the glaring sun and low light, I didn’t want to raise the ISO too much, but obviosuly didn’t want any camera shake in the awkward position I was in holding my camera in either.

Most of the images are at around 18mm / f/9 / 1/125sec / ISO400, to keep noise at bay and balance front to back sharpness with a steady overall shot.


Learnings – I’m pretty chuffed with todays images, to be perfectly honest!

Most of the technical stuff was around shooting straight into the sun, and getting the light balance right without too much glare, along with a fast enough shutter to combat camera shake in the really awkward position I was crouched up in.

Technical stuff sorted, the compositon was the bit I concentrated on the most. The scene isn’t a “grand landscape”, but still I needed to find a balanced composition, with some interest. I really liked the light cast on the bush to the right, but including too much of it meant the overall image was a touch bland, with no real anchor point. I think todays main shot works the best, with the light kissing the right of the shot, the lamp post being illuminated on the left (it was off by the way, its the suns glow lighting it up) and the pylon in the center holding it all torgether.

The girls thought I was mad, diving out of the car and taking these photos. But hey I loved it, a spur of the moment smash and grab bit of photography, and why not!

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