Say It With Flowers – 296/365

I dropped my mum off this morning at the airport, a regular occurrence as we live not far from Liverpool and Manchester airports – and its nice for me to be able to return the favour of giving lifts, after all those years she spent driving me around, before I could drive.

Anyway, she got in the car an promptly passed me a bunch of roses, and a bag of carrots, as you do, if your my mum!


You see, my mum is the No1 expert I know at minimising waste, and I even extend that to all the waste reducion and continuous improvement experts I know professionally. She’s always been this way, and it trully is a special gift she has.

She gave me these flowers becasue she knew they still had life in them, and we could enjoy them while she was away on holiday. Had she not done this, the flowers would have wilted and died, all alone – that truly would have been a terrible waste!


So, a fairly brief story today of saving flowers, reducing waste, a talented mother and a bag of carrots.

Learnings – simple one today, artificial light becasue it was 9:30pm by the time I took the photographs meant the 50mm came out with its f/1.8 aperture, and another example of how amazing my mum is. I do love her so much!

I cannot explain the carrots…………

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