The Friday Post – 298/365

Late from work again, and with the pitch back of night having already fallen by the time I got home, it seemed like a sensible time to do something really crazy, and uncomfortable!

I took a night shot, with my phone……..

Scary stuff, and I’m pretty sure I heard a little cry from my camera tucked up in my back pack at the exact moment that thought flashed through my mind!

Still, it’s not as crazy as it might seem, you see taking photographs with a phone is super quick and easy, and they have pretty amazing built in cameras these days.

I got an upgraded phone a week or so ago, and this one has a “night photo” mode, so that seemed to fit the bill. It took a little getting fused to, because you basically set the “night time” fiction level by the amount of time the exposure lasts for. I guess it’s basically a long exposure, but I tell you what it works pretty well!

I killed off a lot of the detail the camera actually captured, getting that moody look I like, but you can still see the detail in the ground, and even in the brick work.

A nice little experiment today, it’s good to know I have a backup camera that’s really pretty accomplished, in my pocket at all times!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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