Fireworks – 309/365

Tonight as planned, we went for a walk up Frodsham Hill, to watch all the fireworks across the Cheshire plain and over to Liverpool.


It was a great chance for the girls to see lots of fire works, but without being too close so the loud noise scared them, and it worked out really well.


We also stopped off at the chip shop on the way, and got fish chips and sausage for all!

At the top of the hill we sat and ate our fish and chips, and watched the multiple firework displays all across the land. There were quite a few other folk with the same idea as us, and the hill had a nice family vibe about it this evening.


Of course I took my camera, and captured these images of the fireworks going off and the “nightscape”. It looked really impressive, and a new perspective to shoot a landscape at night.


A really fun little evening, and I’ll leave you with a photograph of two young girls sparkling in the night on top of a hill.

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