Too Soon? – 338/365

I think this photograph is a little too soon…….. I mean come on, its on obvious seasonal photograph, a bauble, but I’ve still got 27 days left to go in this challenge, and I don’t want to fail now! A bauble shot was always on the cards, come rain or shine, but I’ve played that card now.

Anyway, Holly’s away in London with work, and so I’ve got the two girls on my own tonight, so I couldn’t venture out. It was much better anyway I thought, to bag a nice seasonal shot, and spend the rest of the time with my girlies.

To add a little something to the photo, I’ve hidden myself in the image for you, just for a bit of fun! 🙂 Enjoy, maybe it is time to start feeling festive anyway!

Learnings – I’m tired, the girls are never tired……….

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