Across the Border – 340/365

I’ve shot this scene before, but in the daylight for the post “Waiting for God“, back on day 295. However, at night, and on a Friday night, the scene takes on a totally different character. Its actually the North Wales / England border, a border I cross regularly.

I guess you could call it an “over the shouder view”, beasue this is pretty much what I see in my rear view mirror most days as I drive home from work. The hustle and bustle of a huge industrial estate, still illumiated with the glowing lights of business, underlined by streaking headlights as the rush hour, rushes along the motorway.


The image wasn’t as straight froward to capture as I first thought, again with strong winds and the added complication of a steel mesh in the spot I wanted to take the shot from. I had to get a little creative and set my camera and tripod up low to the fence, so the lens had a clear sight past the mesh, and also to combat the wind.

I used my polarising filter today, and it definitely helped to cut some of the glare out from the rain soaked road. It adds about 1.25 stops of exposure reduction too, meaning I could open the aperture more and still hold a nice long exposure. Its a real plus, and doesn’t cut too much light out that focusing becomes a problem – I’m pleased I leant my lesson in taking my time and thinking a little more.

The night skies are pretty clear at the moment too, and stars are really prominent – and I think, I’m ging to have a little go at some astro photography before the years out! I’ve not done any before, so that’ll be a steep learning curve!

Anyway, I hope you’ve had a good week, and enjoy the weekend, whatever your getting up to!

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