Sky Tracks – 349/365

Early evening today I went over to investigate a spot just past where I took the photographs for “Worlds Collide”, as I had a feeling it might hold a nice view over the estuary and the industry there.

It certainly did hold an amazing view, and despite the biting cold I set to work trying to capture it!

Before getting out of the car I had a look at the view, and decided on my 18-55mm lens, with polarising filter to slow the shutter and bring colour through in the sky. I really wanted to capture the hazy smoke coming from the factory too, so I thought the filter was a gamble, but one worth taking.

I dialled my settings in; ISO100, f/8, evaluative metering, 2second timer, exposure bracketing 2 yo 2 down, and locked up shutter to start with. I’d determine the focal length and shutter speed when I’d framed the image.

With that, I grabbed my tripod and headed out into the freezing night!

The scene looked great, but I wasn’t sure it would make such an impressive photograph, I think I was just an hour or so late, and a setting sun would really have set it on fire.

Anyway, I fine tuned the settings, and took some shots. I ended up shooting at 25 and 30 seconds for my exposure.

I’m pleased with the result, especially to have captured a passing aeroplane in the final shot too, which is something I’m going to experiment more and more with as I’ve mentioned before. it caught me a little off guard thigh this one, and as such the framing is a little off on the left hand side, but it was a moment I didn’t want to miss and the plane wasn’t going to wait for me!!

Anyway, hope you’ve had a great weekend, mines not quite over yet as I’m off work till Thursday; and I’ve got a couple of photography ideas lined up, starting tomorrow…….


Learnings – a new location, that I think will be ideal at sun set. Also, in hind sight I think I’d like to have tried the shot with a little less polarisation, I pulled just a touch too much colour through and it feels a little saturated. We live and learn!

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