The Magic of Christmas – 354/365

I’m not going to claim the credit for this interesting photography technique, its probably been done many times before, but I only came across it today in a post on Twitter.

The technique is to take a long exposure, but towards the end of the exposure you zoom in on the frame. With Holly out tonight, I needed to photograph something indoors so I could stay with the little ones. Though I almost always get told off for letting them stop up late, I do enjoy time where its just me and the girls, they are such great little characters!

Anyway, having seen this technique today, I thought it a good time to give it a go, and Izzy wanted to get involved too. That was great, and I asked her to stand by the tree perfectly still whilst I counted to ten. She stood brilliantly, perfectly still (for a four year old) and even posed a little, touching the Christmas Tree.

To try and literally add my own twist to the technique, I didn’t just zoom in on the exposure, I tilted the camera too, and although the lines aren’t perfectly smooth, I do like the effect, and I’m sure this could be developed further and used on other stuff.


Anyway, thats me done with work for the year, a few days off to relax with family, recharge and smash head long into 2020. Its the coolest sounding year since 2000, “twenty twenty”, don’t you think?

Still on the theme of numbers, I have just eleven days to go and its challenge complete, where does the time go!?

Have a great weekend, make the most of it.

Learnings – if your interested, settings for these shots were: 18mm – f/8 – 10sec – ISO100 – zoom and twist to taste on 8 to 10 seconds. I zoomed in to 55mm and twisted 90degrees.


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