In A Hole – 363/365

Way back in August for day 226 of this challenge, and my post “Distant Memory” I went looking for Frodsham Caves. On that occasion I couldn’t find them, however today whilst scrambling frantically all over the country side desperate for a photograph, I stumbled acoss them!

This morning I screwed up big time. I had planned to get up early and capture the sunrise, however I lazily turned my alarm clock off and just rolled over. With that, I got up late, and had missed the sunrise. Not only that, but time was now against me as we’re out this afternoon…….

The sky was cool, full of drama and light, and so I drove all over Frodsham hill, looking for a photograph, with the light on it how I wanted and that moody sky. I stopped at two Churches, a horse in a field, followed three footpaths to nowhere and even had a chance encounter with a Kestrel. All came to absolutely zero.

I’d taken almsot 200 photographs, and all were duffers.

One last gasp attempt with time rappidly running out and I turned down a narrow lane, spotted a foot path leading up to what looked like the summit, and a playground half way up. I parked the car, and set off on foot, knowing full well this would be my last stop, and my last chance for a photograph today.

I wandered up the hill, higher and higher, hoping there would be something, anything, just a subect of any description to photohgraph with that moody sky as a background when I got to the top.

There was nothing, just amazing views that didn’t make for any sort of photograph. So I followed the track back down and saw a twisting tail going down the right hand side of the hill I’d just walked up, it looked cool and I thought it might make a nice leading line if there was a scene there to photograph.

Anyway, would you believe it but the curving little trail led to the caves I looked for back in August this year!! I couldn’t beleive my luck, I was chuffed to bits! They were on the opposite side to the sun light, but it didn’t matter now, we were in extra time and I would have to make my shot work.


So I vertured inside, and looked for a compisiton, which would somehow portray the caves from the inside and the light outside. I found a composition that had a spiraling shape in the rocks, curving out towards the two main openings, and that was that.

I quickly packed my gear away and ran back to the car…………

That, was a close shave. I don’t know why, but as this challenge draws to a close the pressure is intensifying massively. I can hardly bear it, today was not fun. I’m kicking my self for not getting up early – massive mistake.

Learnings – never ignore your plans, even if it involves an alarm clock!!!

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