A New Morning – 366/365

Well, last nights photograph didn’t quite work out how I hoped it would. The mist and fog I so often hope will grace the land, did so in abundance last night, the one time I didn’t want it to! It was unsually still too, hardly a breath of wind and so the mist and fog just sat, shrouding us as we stood high above the lower lands, on Moel Famau.

I did grab a few shots of Ruthin in the distance, through the haze.


Still, it was one hell of an adventure, with hundreds of people up on top of the tallest mountain around the area, all seeing in the New Year. The girls, didn’t miss a beat, and despite it being long past their normal bed time, they strode up that hill like it was nothing!

So, this morning we went for a walk, on the first day of a new year; and to close this challenge off properly I want to give the biggest thank you of all to my girls. To Livvy and Izzy for being such outgoing and adventure loving children, always (well almost always) up for a little adventure with me, and constant sources of joy.


To my wonderful mum, who has been with me on some of my more “out there” missions…… and of course just because shes my mum, and mums are just the best! Always great advice, always the considered council, always that special love. Love you loads! Xxxx


Finally, the biggest thank you goes to my wife, Holly. She has supported me every single day, through every single photograph. Whilst its obvious that going out all over the place taking photos every day is a commitment in time and energy, what isn’t so obvious, is that processing digital photographs takes time, and thats time my family have supported me in spending on this 365 challenge all year, and none more so than Holly.

Shes encouraged me when its been tough, shes rained me in when I got too ambitous, and shes kept me on track throughout. Thank you so much Holly, with all my heart I appreciate what you’ve enabled me to do this year.

The girls and I love you so very, very much xxxx


I took quite a few more photographs this morning, if you want to see the album its here – 1/1/20 New Years Day Morning

So that really is it now! I’m going to keep developing my photography, as I’ve mentoned, but this year instead of a 365 daily challenge I’ll do more in depth, but much less frequent, photography adventures.

Thank you all so much for being on this journey with me, for the support and encouragement you’ve given me – and I wish you a Happy New Year, all the very best for 2020!


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