Photography Video Log 2 – Through The Fog

My second little photography outing I’ve captured on video, whilst out and about with my camera! This time, I’m off to the local woodland again, a place I visited so many times during my 365 challenge.

The aim is to capture an image of that big old Oak Tree, the one I actually photographed a couple of times during my challenge in 2019.

It’s a super foggy morning, and I’m hoping the fog will set just the tone I’m looking for.

Hope you enjoy the video!

10 thoughts on “Photography Video Log 2 – Through The Fog

  1. Thanks for sharing the photo and video. This massive oak standing watch in the fog reminds me of a photo I took of an ancient sycamore tree a few weeks ago. The foggy conditions resemble the conditions you encountered.

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  2. Gav, Another good vblog! I like photography shot in the fog. Also the idea that your emotions “show up”, influence your creative work. I’m listening to your photography language and terms. I think I might learn a thing or two. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Robert, much appreciated! I felt it important to share how my internal emotions are effecting my outward creativity. I guess it’s something that effects everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, and it’s all part of the journey! 😄

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