I’m not ready for this, and that’s why I’m doing it! The 365 challenge 2019.

Something I’ve really gotten into over the past few months is videography, and photography. I’m not 100% sure where this new found passion has been born from, but in a previous business I owned, quality pictures and videos really helped reach out to people who would be interested in its wares. So maybe, as the saying goes that “necessity is the mother of all invention”, that previous necessity to produce good quality imagery brought me and the digital mediums together.

Trouble is, my nature is such that I can’t just meander through and see what happens, accepting that things are the way they are, and that’s it. I always have a burning desire to better myself, to hone my skills. So the research started……

That led me to something called “the 365 challenge”. I’m not sure if there are any kind of rules or guide lines around the challenge, other than you take a picture every day for a year. The beauty of this challenge for me is that I know it’ll get seriously hard the longer it goes on, and I’ll have to really draw on my creativity to keep taking even half decent, interesting pictures that I’m happy with.

I’m also going to impose an extra little edge, to ensure I push my photography skills, which after all is the whole point of the exercise! I’m going to use as few words as possible to accompany each picture; so I can’t overly explain what it’s about, I’ll have to make sure the picture tells the story.

I’m going to post them all in here, and on my Instagram, so you can, if you wish, trace my journey through this challenge.

I start Jan 1st 2019, wish me luck! 🙌🏻

Where I’m at now

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