Day 1/365

New Year’s Day makes me think of traveling to see family and friends, one last time before the hustle and bustle of the new year begins. The rays of sun light coming through the trees, lighting up the road for travellers seemed to fit that emotion.

I also took this pic, that seemed to capture the feeling of breaking in through the barrier of the past year, into the new. It felt kind of ominous at the same time though, so it wasn’t the one I chose to represent my day 1.

Learnings – there is so much to see, and I spent a lot of time choosing a picture, that needs to change or my whole year will be taken up by sitting on the sofa deliberating, which isn’t what I want out of this! Also, I need to concentrate more on focus, I wasn’t happy with the focus points in the day1 pic, though it did capture the overall emotion. I did pay a lot of attention to the composition, which has paid off I think, balance and weight I’m happy with.

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