A Spontaneous Moment – 8/365

This morning I had a couple of ideas for today’s picture, and as always I was excited to see what I would eventually decide to photograph, and how it would turn out.

As seems to be the running theme for me in this challenge however, the reality was very different to the original plan!

As a morning meeting in work drew to a close, and we all got up from the board room table to get on with the day ahead, my long time colleague and friend Sue F, asked me “what’s that 365 thing your doing on Instagram Gav?”.

This was a real moment for me, because I haven’t talked to any of my friends or peers about doing this challenge; only my wife and mum really know what I’m doing and why. It has been to this point almost entirely digitally based in terms of a connection to other people – you reading this essentially!

So I explained what I was doing, and why, and in that moment I thought what better way to demonstrate than to take a picture right there and right then. So I opened the board room widow, leant out and took a few pictures, and that was it. All on instinct.

As it turns out, the picture is nicely composed, and though dark in the foreground because it was still early morning, I like the overall effect of the light balancing. The bright sun rise in the background and the dark shadows in the bushes and trees in the foreground. Even the road running through adds to the feeling of the shot, for me anyway.

So thank you Sue, for being my inspiration today!

Learnings – be spontaneous, you don’t know what might happen, and that is the beauty within it. I did have reservations about the pictures back story, because it’s very personal to me, and clearly can’t be portrayed through the image itself; however, it can’t hurt to be a little selfish with your art now and again, so I went with it and I’m really happy I did!

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