Hot off the Press – 11/365

Today’s picture is of something I’m really proud to be a part of, my work. I’ve worked for the same company, under three different ownerships for almost 20 years. I’ve grown with it, and it has grown with me; as with everything businesses constantly change and evolve, they have to!

The picture is of one of our printing presses, one of our flagship machines that manufacture millions of square meters of printed media every single month.

Whilst the presses stand proud every single day, seemingly unchanged, every aspect connected to them is in a constant state of evolution, of change. Constantly pushing to improve quality and performance, we tease everything we can out of them!

I find a certain beauty in a lot of industry, especially in large scale machinery, so it’s something I’ll no doubt visit again during this challenge as I travel around a fair amount visit sister sites, suppliers and customers; but for today, it’s one that’s particularly close to my heart.

Learnings – The reflections on the machine I like, it portrays a level of pride I think in how shiny it is. However, I do think I should have paid more attention to them, because they fell where they fell, and I think I could have made more of the reflections themselves. Also, the ink tech guy now thinks I’m weird…..

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