Calm down, it’s OK – 10/365

Today was hectic, one of those days where looking at the schedule ahead, it seemed like an impossible mission to squeeze everything in! Meetings, conference calls, reports, appointments, deadlines…. all normal everyday things, but today they were triple parked.

This journey isn’t about my personal meandering through life, it’s about a daily photography challenge aimed at pushing my leaning curve; however I felt it important to set the scene on today’s shot, as it’s the emotions it captured that hold the most meaning.

Evidently, I made it today, survived I mean, and got everything that needed to be done, done. The only appointment I didn’t make was to collect our youngest daughter from nursery, and because I didn’t make that in time my wife had to collect her, meaning our eldest had to miss her dance class. All that made me feel bad, because I caused it through being late; it was a stressful end to a stressful day.

Thing is though, I was late because of a road traffic accident on the motorway, which lead to long tail backs. So despite that setting me back schedule wise, I can’t help but hold the overriding feeling of hope, that whoever was involved in the accident wasn’t seriously hurt.

That leads me to the picture today. This one was planned, exactly as I imagined it to be. A very calming scene, in what had been a day of anything but calm from start to finish. I am overwhelmingly happy with the picture, purely and simply because it steadied and calmed me, no other reason. The boat is very tranquil sat on the water, nicely lit up, just as I had imagined it would be, whilst in the background traffic gently trundles along the iron swing bridge, headlights twinkling. I’ve passed this boat hundreds of times, but never before stopped to take a picture.

As a bonus, in setting myself off down a little track to the river to take this shot, I discovered this railway bridge, and it’s majestic steel girders.

I had to park my car a short walk away from the boat, and found a spot at the entrance to a small industrial area, with a handful of units in it. There wasn’t much activity, and though the gate was open, I opted to park up outside the gates, just in case anyone wanted to lock up soon.

Upon returning to my car, shots captured and feeling pretty pleased with myself, I was greeted by a van pulling away, and a locked gate. Yes I thought sensibly about my parking, and it paid off, but still, a nice drop of luck if you ask me!

Learnings – at times life pulls you along, and at other times you pull it along; but either way what’s important is to be thankful of the opportunities we make ourselves, and the ones that life throws at us.

After all is said is done, I feel lucky today.

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