Infinite Izzy – 35/365

Totally experimental picture today! On the way home from work, I had an idea to try and use the mirror on the wardrobe I fitted yesterday, along with another large mirror in an attempt to create an infinite reflection.

It kind of worked, but again I needed more light really, preferably loads of natural light to really capture as much of the full depth and detail as possible.

I tried a few different angles, a few different edits, and Izzy, as always, provided a myriad of interesting poses! I don’t even need to ask her, she just really enjoys it and I just let her do what she likes.

Learnings – again, Izzy loves playing with taking pictures, she makes the whole experience a really joy, irrespective of how the actual shots turn out!

I’ll try this again one day, when I can take the shot with plenty of light available.

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