Winter Sun – 34/365

Another early morning dart over to the lake this morning, fingers crossed that somehow, the lake might have thawed over the past two days.

With trepidation at what I might see, I gingerly had a look at every puddle of water (ice) along the way, hoping it would be fluid. None were, but I pushed on all the same.

Along with the frozen ground, I couldn’t help but notice the fire in the sky, and stopped twice to take a picture.

I scooted on, hoping to get a few more pictures at the lake of the rising sun, that had hopefully thawed the lake yesterday.

It was -4 degrees still, so I’m not sure why I held out any hope really, but there you go, I’m always glass half full!

I arrived, and sure enough the sun was just peering through the trees over the horizon.

And the lake was still frozen, even more so than two days prior.

It looked magnificent, but not very fishable of course. I set off for a wander anyway, you never know what you might see after all.

The woodpeckers were busying themselves making holes in the tall trees, but aside from that, the lake was very still.

I decided today to take a “selfie”, or more accurately I guess a picture with me as part of it, just to try something different really. That became today’s picture.

Strolling on further round the water, and I came to my favourite spot along the path again, somehow it just always looks amazing, especially when the sun is breaking through the trees.

This time though, I tried some shots from different angels, and different framings.

Learnings – as with yesterday’s pictures, today reconfirmed that natural light is king, and at sunrise and sunset you obviously have some incredible lighting shining on everything you see. I tried a couple of today’s shots with the main object dead centre, going against some rules of photographic composition. The first picture of the rays of light for example, with the sun in the very centre of the shot. I don’t like it as much as the second one, where the sun is off set and balanced with the glow of the leaf litter set to the left, it feels much more balanced and easy to look at. I really like that shot.

Also, willing a large volume of water to thaw whist the temps are still sub zero, doesn’t work.

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