Familiar Faces – 33/365

Today I wasn’t due to go out, so I thought I’d capture a few pictures around the house, and as I haven’t done many pictures of faces yet, I thought that might be a good idea. However, it proved more challenging than you might think.

Everyone seemed to be in a bit of a comedy mood! Nothing wrong with that, and actually there were some very interesting shapes being thrown!

Seems even building the worlds smallest snowman, with the worlds biggest parsnip for a nose, warrants a funny face to accompany the shot. I’m cool with that.

Hollys decided to redecorate the bedroom, and mid clear out was another chance to grab some spectacular facial expressions.

Both Livvy and Izzy were quite literally crazy in front of the camera today. I’m not sure where they get it from?

Oh yes, I remember now……..

On a brief escape from camp crazy, I went out into the garden after spotting light pushing through a small gap in a hedge, and took a snap from both sides, just to see if I could capture anything interesting from it. I’m not sure I quite captured the moment as I saw it, maybe had the sun been a touch lower it might have worked out better.

But anyway, there were plenty of bright rays of sunshine back indoors, so I retreated back into the warmth amidst echos of child laughter.

Learnings – natural light is by far the best. Although I love the goofy pics, the sun light was fading and the room was mostly lit with artificial light. The pictures that stand out a mile for me are today’s main picture, the one of Izzy’s face flooded with natural light on the side of her face, and the one of Livvy with her mini snow man, again covered in natural light.

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