Sunrise TV – 32/365

One month down, eleven to go! That makes it sound like a chore, this challenge, but so far it really isn’t. Actually, it’s brought me numerous mini adventures, and has already taught me a lot about photography; which is the aim after all.

Today I was mainly focusing on some online courses based on 3D modelling, something else I’m learning. You’ll no doubt see some creations in the future!

First thing in the morning the sun was like a laser beam blasting in through the conservatory, and I climbed to the highest vantage point I could, safely anyway given the frost everywhere. The sun looked amazing, like it was melting the clouds away around it, slowly but surely bathing the houses below it in light.

I took a little break in the afternoon from data heavy CG 3D modelling, and went outside to try and capture something small again, including some frost. I took a few pictures, but this one of the sharp dark green holly smothered with snow and ice I really like.

The holly is such a hardy plant, and despite the country seeming to grind to a halt with the weather, this little plant is vibrant and lush in its green coat.

Late afternoon and I set off to collect Livvy from school, and the sun again provided an amazing display of colours as it set, and gave me today’s picture.

Interesting little tale behind this picture, for those of you that have been following my adventure. If you think back, for a long time I held a reservation about taking pictures with people around. I had that same feeling taking this picture, but only for a split second, and even though the school door was opening to let me in, I carried on taking my picture.

As the door opened and the teacher came out to greet me, she of course noticed me taking my shot. Far from question what I was doing, she came out to have a look her self, quickly followed by another teacher. The three of us stood together, and wondered at the gorgeous view for a few moments.

Talk about quashing your fears in fine style! On a personal note, it was quite the moment, to be honest.

Learnings – this challenge one month in is anything but a chore, it’s an amazing adventure of discovery. Discovery about photography, the local area, personal achievement and loads more.

In all honestly, the most “taxing” bit so far was going from day 31 to day 32 in the title, because I can’t just check the date anymore to see what day I’m up to…..

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