Frozen Shadow – 31/365

I know I’m a bit “wordy” at times, but for once I don’t really have the words to describe how pleased I am with this picture.

The long shadows really lead you into the scene, the framing of everything I’m really pleased with, and the layers just go on and on, adding loads of depth. I love it!

The morning started off bright and early, and after dropping Livvy off at her morning club, I set off towards the lake hopefully to do a spot of fishing.

The temperature had really dropped overnight, and though I was at the lake yesterday late afternoon, and most of it was still wobbly, I was concerned that with morning temps of -4 degrees it might be frozen over. Either way, I was still going to make the half hour journey through the fog and ice with my fingers crossed.

Along with a drop of fishing, I also planned to get some close up shots of some stuff. I think pretty much everything looks cool with a covering of frost, and I hoped to get some close up interesting pictures.

The lake was indeed frozen over, good and proper! It didn’t mater though, I just used the opportunity to take some pictures around the water.

This view I adore, and it’s kind of a personal thing I guess because it’s the path that leads to the lake, so it always marks the start of a fishing adventure. With the low sun again beaming through the trees it looked amazing.

I also took this shot, and edited it a couple of different ways to get different moods; the reflection of the sun on the ice is what I really like.

Finally, I noticed some really neat patterns in the ice around a corner of the lake. I think it might be formed by feet of water foul as the ice was forming, I’m not sure, but whatever I like it. I edited the second picture in such a way as to go from black at the bottom to white at the top.

Learnings – shadows can be used to really dramatic effect. The shadows in today’s picture are I feel, it’s main element. Also the shadows on the path leading to the lake are really cool.

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