Sun Beam – 37/365

Just a quick one today, and a chance encounter with a ray of light!

Where I work our site is split across two buildings, and I probably walk between them 30 times a day, if not more.

This obviously takes me outside for a brief moment, which is no bad thing; grabbing a bit of fresh air at regular intervals throughout the day.

At this time of year, the sun travels right across this area that I walk across, between the buildings. Today, as the sun was on its way down behind the horizon, I was on one of these little journeys, and a beam of light shone right through a tree and straight at me.

I took a couple of quick pictures, with some different settings and continued on my way.

Nothing more to it than that today, just a nice and simple sun beam zooming across space, through a moody sky and into my path.

Learnings – always be ready to capture the moment!

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