Night Watch – 38/365

For today’s picture I thought I’d revisit the Garden Gargoyle, who hasn’t got a name thinking about it, but probably deserves one.

Anyway, after photographing him in the day time earlier in this challenge, I thought I’d try some night time pictures of him.

Learning from previous pictures, I knew I’d need some decent light, so I grabbed a powerful but direct (not flood) light, and set to work.

I took pictures from a few different angles, and with my lighting in various places and distances.

And of course I tried a few different ways at portraying the feeling of the picture whilst editing it.

Unusually for me, I didn’t go for my normal preferred wide screen crop, and kept most of the shots as they were captured. I don’t really know why, maybe I’d already framed the shots how I wanted them when taking them, I’m not sure, but either way I didn’t feel the need to crop.

I like this last one, it’s not as warm and fiery as today’s chosen picture, however it has a nice gritty feel to it.

Learnings – revisiting this subject, and implementing things I’ve learnt with lighting was cool, and though they might not be jaw dropping, I am really pleased with the pictures; because I have put into practice things I’ve learnt.

Bonus shot!!

A friend of mine sent me this today, a cool shot of some industrial ink in its neat state, just before it’s blended together.

Thanks Daz, I love it!

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