Moon Light – 39/365

On the way home tonight the moon was really bright in the sky, and a nice crescent shape. So I decided to try and make it my subject for today.

Admittedly, Mr Lamp Post has somewhat “outshined” the moon in today’s shot, but it was considerably closer, about 238,000 miles closer……..

Whilst taking the pictures, the moon looked really neat framed behind the trees, and the garden gate.

So I took a few pictures from that angle, and actually, the lamp post looked better, framed by the iron work twisting around it.

The only thing that spoils this shot for me, are the roof eves; my bad there, I took loads of pictures from this view point, I should have paid more attention to the full frame.

A more vivid edit of today’s picture:

Also, I don’t know why, but I took a picture of a lamp post around the corner from our house that just caught my eye, an LED one. I have no idea why to be honest, but I really like this shot, it’s just pleasing some how? The LED gives a smooth glow, and the blue is really nice and clean. I guess the sign is comforting too, in a sense.

Learnings – give the full frame, your full attention!

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