Thunderball XL5 – 43/365

Tonight I went to pick my mum and her “bezzie” up from the airport, at Manchester’s Terminal 1. I knew this would be the subject I wanted to use for my picture today, an aeroplane landing would been nice, I thought.

However, as crazy busy as Manchester Airport is, whilst i was there no air craft took off or landed. So, I took some pictures of terminal one itself, it’s big multi-storey car park, and super cool linking overhead walkway.

Other than the lights, and bright squares from the car park openings in the sides, not a lot was going on, so I edited the pictures in a few different ways to see what I could come up with.

The car park:

The overhead walk way:

The last one here, the one that’s closest to its subject, is the one I like best. It kind of has that old school futuristic look; it reminds me of Thunderball XL5, if you remember the show!

I also took this nice clean shot of the moon.

Learnings – tonight didn’t pan out how I expected it to, however in editing today’s pictures I’ve been transported back in time to my childhood memories. That was a nice journey in itself! You be easily forgiven for thinking visiting an airport would bring thoughts of travel, or holidays, but when you open your imagination, you can end up traveling back through time itself.

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