Leave a Light On – 44/365

Today I wanted to take a picture of something house hold, something every day, but very homely.

Something that always makes me smile when I get home, are the “light twigs” as I call them, that Holly has beside the front door. I’m not sure what they’re really called, and I’m sure my name for them does them no justice at all.

Anyway, they’re little lights that are strung out along the length of some twisty little branches, painted white. They do have a functional purpose, in that they light the entrance to our home, but mostly they’re decorative.

I mock them, but really I like them, it’s just my childish way of accepting something very “girly”, I guess.

Their location makes them an interesting challenge to photograph, they’re tucked into a corner, right next to the front door.

So I tried a few different frame angles, and a few different focus settings, and of course tried a variety of edits.

This one I like, because the handle brings a kind of mystery to it, but it does feel a little too mysterious, almost eerie.

This is the view most people see the light twigs from, looking down on them. Which is a shame really, because they ask nothing and silently go about their business every day, lighting everyone’s path.

They really make the metal work in the hall shine too, bless them.

Up really close to them, they’re actually not so still, they’re really busy looking. The lights are like vines twisting around the twig stems, up to as high as they can reach.

So I picked today’s picture edit because I liked how soft the lighting and colours are, it’s a little blown out, but it feels super homely, which is what I was trying to achieve.

Learnings – seemingly run of the mill, everyday objects can be really quite interesting, and can make for great subject matter.

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