Little Bricks – 45/365

Half term for Livvy this week, and with Holly off all week too, I also took the day off and we all went to Lego Discovery Land in Manchester.

We’d not been before, but both Livvy and Izzy love Lego, and I have to admit I enjoy it too! Constructing anything fascinates me, it always has done, and I also have a passion for anything engineering related.

We arrived, and were met with some stone sculptures. Nice enough, but I had a feeling the ones inside would be more impressive in a garishly colourful way.

Once inside, it might be an obvious thing to say, but there was Lego everywhere! We had a very short que, marshalled by Lord Vader, which was just enough time for the kids excitement levels to reach defcon 1.

Once through the lobby, the first thing you do is go through a short tour, outlining how Lego is made. The tour is really informative, and all delivered in a really “fun” way for the kids. It lasted about 5 minutes, but that was enough time for the excitement levels to drop to a manageable defcon 2.5. All in all, the tour is a nice, and clever touch for all the reasons above.

Next stop, a Lego ghost train shoot-em-up ride. Izzy loved it, Livvy doesn’t like guns, Holly won on points, I tried to take some photographs. That is my excuse for not scoring more points…….

And so onto the main hall, where it goes without saying some seriously impressive Lego constructions resided.

We then hit the race tracks, where you can build a Lego racer, and pit it against other people’s creations in a bid to be crowned Lego Racer Champion, I presume.

I built a racer for Livvy, and of course it was the best by miles, so I “parked” it illegally in one of the official Lego displays. Let’s be honest, this masterpiece deserves to be on display for others to enjoy.

Pride of place for my racer, and a podium photograph for Livvy.

Next up, a spot of lunch, and who should be stood outside the cafe but none other than the legend that is Boba Fett. The name itself is known the world over, and I have to admit I was a little star struck.

Onto some more racing, this time in go-carts which was great fun to watch, though the calibre of the police force did look a little questionable….

There are general Lego building areas all over the place, and Livvy took it upon herself to build a big red heart. The staff liked it so much, and were so impressed, they put it on the display shelf. It was really well made, and she was rightly proud as punch to have it displayed.

To finish off the girls had a ball climbing all over the play area, and Livvy even had a go at a rock climbing wall, which I was super pleased about because normally she’s a bit wary of things like that. It’s Izzy that’s the adventurous one, normally.

The wall rotated down as you climbed up, but hopefully this video gives you the impression she’s just going up and up and up:

We’d all had a great time, and as we left with a last look around at some of the displays, we all felt we’d had a right good old day out! Plus, I’d had more photographic opportunities than I could ever hope for.

On the way out, those statues were there again; and I was right you know, the garish, low res, blocky Lego sculptures, are better.

Learnings – not a lot today, to be honest. I was overwhelmed with opportunities today, and really today was all about the girls, so I just took pictures of stuff.

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