Fire Fly – 49/365

For today’s picture I wanted to try and photograph some ivy, set against a dark background. Sounds a little strange I know, but I wanted to see if I could get a clear image, but also capture the mood of the night, and I like the determination ivy has to grow where ever it wants to.

I took these pictures of the ivy creeping up a shed in our back garden:

A nice shot, but it doesn’t feel like night time.

This shot felt much more like the night.

Almost captured the mood with this one.

Anyway, that all went to pot when my ever present little assistant wanted to play with my light!

I hope you understand that at this point the ivy shot took a back seat…..

This one reminds me of an old computer game called “Street Fighter”, if you see what I mean:

Maybe it’s just me…….

After our fun with the light, again the moon featured tonight in my pictures; I’m no astronomer, but there must be something with the moon at the moment because it’s so big and bright in the sky, even during day light hours, it’s amazing.

Finally, on the way back indoors, I stopped and snapped our house, it looked really homely snuggled up in the cushion of lights, with a blanket of night around it.

Learnings – you can have a lot of fun with a bright light, and you might just get some cool pictures as a bonus to!

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