Boardroom Solar Glare – 57/365

I spent a lot of time in the boardroom at work today, first up a meeting in the morning, and then I stayed in there to do a “deep dive” into a cost reduction plans financial numbers.

As I left in the evening, and looked around to check I’d left the room as I would like to find it, the sun was just dipping past the Toyota engine plant across the way. It looked cool, so I went to the window and took a picture.

On my way out of the room again, and stopped and I thought I could do better, and so stood right at the back of the room and positioned myself to get the best glare I could from the sun.

The reflections on the table also looked really nice. As I finally left, I took one last shot just to give you some perspective on the room, and the scene.

Finally, right at the end of the day and now back in my office, my colleague Terry and I were exchanging pictures via email for a project we’re working on together, and I said I’d use one in today’s post. So, Terry this ones for you! 🙂

Learnings – it was tricky to get the light glare at its absolute maximum, but I kept trying and eventually captured as much as I was ever going to, and I’m pleased with the result. It meant I couldn’t quite get the framing I wanted, but still, I guess you have to weigh up every element on what it brings to the shot, and for me the solar glare was by far the most important element.

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