Rear View Sunset – 56/365

Driving home this evening the sunset was amazing, but unfortunately behind me. I knew it would be over by the time I got home, and there wasn’t a nearby vantage point to climb and take a shot.

Just as I was giving up hope, a lay-by on the side of the road came into view, stacked out with lorries.

Without a second thought I indicated, pulled in, and squeezed into a little gap between the parked lorries; regular followers will know that’s not something I would have done in the past!

It wasn’t a perfect view, and I really wish my mirror was cleaner now, but I got an interesting picture as the traffic zoomed past, oblivious to my small victory.

Now home, and I decided to try a few different edits of the shot.

This was the raw shot:

Then I went wild with the creativity, and gave it a space age type feel:

And a blurred “something” whizzing past look:

And a purple glow:

It was fun to edit the picture in these slightly whacky ways, because the mirrored image is very much separate from the background. I guess because it’s facing a totally different direction and framed by the wing mirror.

Today’s picture was my favourite though, subtle colours and a bit shallower depth of field. Though I have to say, the raw shot is nice too.

Learnings – just the one picture today, but a lot of fun editing it. My main learning was again about the devil in the detail, I so wish I’d have made sure the mirror was spotless.

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