Reflecting Fog – 55/365

Today I went to The Northern Angling Show, in Manchester, and I was going to take today’s photograph there. However, I spent my time catching up with old friends, and looking at some of the new stuff coming to the angling world. I didn’t get my camera out at all.

Now, that’s not to say that there weren’t some nice photo opportunities, but earlier today I woke to a fog drenched lake, and some really interesting views, which I felt were more photographic than the show.

Fog is rubbish for fishing, especially really cold fog like last night/early this morning. Not only is it uncomfortable for us humans, but it also seems to put the fish off, plus, you have no chance of seeing what’s happening on the lake.

Still, it did give rise to some really interesting views, and I took every opportunity to capture them.

It was actually a really bright day, above the fog, and the light was strong and also soft, so maybe that’s why it all looked so appealing?

I took plenty of “rod shots”‘, and these Delkim alarms are what the lights were off for yesterday’s bokeh picture.

Finally, two swans doing the rounds scrounging breakfast from all the anglers looked really majestic, gently drifting across the lake in the fog.

This first pictures composition is really helped by the lines of my rods I feel, pointing straight at the pair of swans.

I really love this shot:

Learnings – cold fog is uncomfortable, but provides great light!

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