Soul Cleansing – Day 54/365

If you remember yesterday’s post, the weekend isn’t quite going to plan, and today’s picture was supposed to be of a sun rise. However, because that didn’t pan out how I’d hoped, today I thought I’d try again to get a fishing related shot, but this time I’d take a picture of my home for the night.

Tonight, I’m lake side fishing for carp, and the subject of my home, is my bivvy. I thought it might be interesting to get a night time shot, and also it might be interesting for those who don’t know much about over night fishing to see a little bit about it.

My bivvy is essentially a massive umbrella, pegged to the ground. It’s got a front section that goes on too, but it’s so mild tonight I don’t need it on. The more open the front the more I can listen out to what’s going on, and, it just feels nice the more exposed to the elements I am, I feel closer to nature.

It’s not 5star, but it doesn’t need to be, that’s not the point. It just needs to keep me and my gear dry.

I played around with a couple of different lighting setups, and found that a balance between blown out highlights and spooky shadows was tricky to achieve.

Still, I’m please with how today’s shot came out, you don’t need to see my face anyway….

I also took some shots of my rods, and alarms, and again had a go at a bokeh picture.

In this one I tried to get everything really symmetrical.

Also, a huge flock of birds came in to roost just as dusk was falling. I have a video I’ll upload when I’m home, and add it to this post, but for now here is a picture.

So I guess, everything considered, the weekend not going to plan hasn’t really been that much of an issue, and who knows, I may even catch a fish tonight, but that would just be a bonus. For me, fishing is about cleansing my mind and soul.

Learnings – I’ve learnt a lot about light setup taking these pictures, not only on the bivvy picture, but also the bokeh shot. I tried a few times to get the image I wanted, but the natural light wasn’t quite right. On about the fourth attempt, just as dark was almost complete, it was perfect. On the bivvy shots, I learnt that lighting from above is definitely the way to go, however the light could have done with being a bit softer.

**** video I promised:

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