Rain Dance – 59/365

Errrrm, what a difference a day makes! Just yesterday I was bleating on about seasonal shifts, and today we’re back to persistent rain hacking through cold dense fog.

At least it’s more like winter should be!

Today I thought I’d use the fresh rain sat on the ground to try and get some interesting pictures of reflections.

Again, not a lot of editing today, not through any sort of self imposed constraint, just because the pictures didn’t need a lot.

Looking back over these shots, I guess my framing could have been better; however I’m not going to beat myself up over that too much, because the main aim for today was to see if I could capture some reflections in the puddles.

I really like this one, it’s not flashy, it’s just functional every day objects but the lines and reflections I think, are really interesting.

The rain carried on all day, and when I took Livvy to dance this evening, I nipped out to fill the car with petrol, and took a few puddle pictures!

Including the one I picked for today’s shot, with several rain drops captured mid flight back down to earth. Just imagine the journey them little droplets have been on, I think they deserve a photograph for their efforts.

Lit by the ever faithful street light “studio” lighting I seem drawn to, the puddles shimmered and rippled constantly as the driving rain steadily filled them up.

Learnings – it was clear today’s picture wouldn’t be of the sun, or even lit by the sun, it didn’t appear in the sky at all today. However, that hasn’t stopped me getting what I feel are some really pleasing pictures, and it’s been a neat reminder of the beauty in such everyday things as water falling from the sky and creating natural mirrors around every corner.

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