As The Crow Flies – 60/365

Today’s picture is a really nice one for me, for two reasons. Firstly, it was the first time I’d arrived home in “true” day light. When I left work, the sun was low, but still looked like it had enough life left in it to be shining by the time my half hour drive home was over.

Secondly, people are starting to give me more and more suggestions for photographs. Which is nice because I take it to be an indication of people’s interest in what I’m doing, and also that they want me to succeed in my challenge and are offering their support. That is really cool.

Yesterday Holly told me about a murder (a flock) of crows that roost every day just on dusk near our house, and she suggested it might make a nice photograph.

So, today’s pictures are for, and thanks to, you Holly!

Sure enough, with the days drawing out and me having arrived home early enough to beat dusk, I was just in time to witness the spectacle.

There were a lot of birds, and it wasn’t only the view that was cool, but also the sounds were amazing.

I took several shots from different angles and used different lighting settings, and then changed some up a little more in editing. The one above I gave a purple glow.

Along with the shots of loads of birds, I also tried to capture just one or two, and emphasise them by framing the shot in different ways.

As spectacular as the show was, it didn’t last long, and the birds soon settled down for the night.

I also played with balancing the composition of the shots with a mix of trees and clear sky. This picture below has very minimal editing, and roughly 50/50 trees/sky.

Learnings – it’s really nice to have the support of friends, family and people I’ve connected with through doing the blog itself. I never set it out to be a blog type affair, just a place to document my 365 adventure, but as it’s growing arms and legs, who am I to stand it the way of evolution!

If birds roosting are your thing, have a look at my “Soul Cleansing” post, it contains a short video of a massive flock of birds roosting.

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