Street Wise – 61/365

For today’s picture I thought back to the bridge from a post a few weeks ago, the one that has that city vibe about it, adorned with its street “art”.

For my idea to work though, I needed help, and as bed time approached I enlisted my trusty side kick Livvy. We hatched a plan to sneak out of the house as soon as Izzy was in bed, because it was already too late for her to be venturing out.

I asked Livvy to get dressed in some trendy clothes, whatever she thought was cool, and we waited.

Just as Izzy was put to bed, I grabbed a bin that was due to go out, and gently shouted “I’m just taking the bin out”, to Holly; and with that I eased the front door open and ushered Livvy out, whilst clutching the bin bag.

3 year olds are so easily fooled…… though the plan was genius to be fair!

We headed off into the night, Liv holding my hand super tight all the way, it was late for her too, being fair.

Once there, I just let her imagination run wild, and she struck some trendy poses.

Along with super star Livvy, I also had the added bonus of an outstanding representation of Boba-Fett…..

The picture above I edited heavily, and tried to make the shadows appear like a pack of animals.

This one I made really warm, and also included some of the bridge / tunnel entrance, which I think really adds to the depth of the picture.

I couldn’t help but let my imagination run a way a little in editing these pictures, and here I made it as though Livvy was some form of street wise modern day ethereal being, or something.

The next two pictures I really love, Livvy’s face is so expressive, and in two completely different ways, I tried to make a point of that fact.

We didn’t stay long, it was late and Liv was keen to get back home. So we took a quick selfie, and headed off.

Learnings – I think my biggest learning today was about including detail in the background, to give the overall frame depth. I’ve probably learnt more than that I’m sure, but to be honest we had such fun taking the pictures on our little adventure, and the feeling of joy it gave me seeing her smile, is all I can really think about.

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