Life Begins – 62/365

There are loads of daffodils out by us at the moment, and for me, it’s the clearest sign there is that spring is on its way. So I thought it only right to feature them in my challenge at this point in the year.

Though there are several areas with vast swathes of daffodils, I thought it might be nice to try and capture an image of just a small bunch, but in more detail.

I took the pictures outside Livvys dance class; I dropped her off and in the half hour time slot I had whilst waiting for her rehearsal to finish, I grabbed my shots.

There were other flowers there too, I’m not sure what they are but the vivid purple buds just hours before opening, looked really nice, especially with the rain droplets on them.

Though flowers aren’t my normal subject, I do enjoy their aesthetics, and photographing them is always a nice challenge.

Today it was raining hard and there was a light wind; which meant the scene was constantly changing, never still, and moments to capture came and went in instants.

Learnings – in the brief time I had today to take my pictures, I actually took loads, because the scene was evolving all the time. I’d take a shot, see that something could be better and then find the wind and or rain had changed the frame completely – the moment had gone. So I guess the take away from that is that I need to be on my toes even when trying to capture relatively small intimate “scenes”.

Also, less of a learning and more of a thought to ponder; Holly and I watched a film last night called “Life”. No spoilers here, but part of the narrative talks about survival, and a statement of “by its very nature to live is to be destructive”, or words to that effect, struck a chord with me.

This morning I was cutting some ivy back that was climbing up our conservatory, potentially damaging the wood work. When cutting it back I thought to myself, “this ivy is being destructive, in order to live”. It’s not intentional of course, just a destructive byproduct of its survival.

Then as I looked down at the pile of flora I’d removed I thought, “hang on, in order to keep my family home safe and secure, I am being destructive to the ivy”. I’m being destructive in order to live, in a way.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

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